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『Plant Opal』パッケージデザイン:2018  TOPAWARDS ASIA 受賞

『a missing girl』映像作品 Speechless film festival 2019 (Minnesota) OFFICIAL SELECTION選出

Yosuke Furuta / A.N.P.

[Art director / Graphic designer / Photographer / Movie director]


He was born in Mino, Gifu Prefecture in 1974.

He worked at some design productions untill 1999.

He is a freelance director now.

He has designed movie ads, fashion ads, company logos, product labels and more.

He has been takeing photos and shoot videos since 2001 and directed his first independent film "HIKARINOKAWA (RIVER OF LIGHTS)" in 2009.

Recently, he doesn't have his own office and stay some local place for work for a few months and moving.

He has been working on branding for local companies, farms and educational programs.


PLANT OPAL (label design) : 2018  TOPAWARDS ASIA

A MISSING GIRL (video work) : Speechless film festival 2019 (Minnesota) OFFICIAL SELECTION

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